What Makes Handwoven so Special?

If you’re first entering the world of woven wraps, you will find two different kinds – handwoven, and machine woven. Both are wonderful additions to your stash, and both are safe for baby and you, but there is something about handwoven wraps that are simply glorious.

DWTOBAG-6TIf you are not familiar by now, Kush Textiles only produces handwoven products, wraps, ring slings and accessories created by highly skilled artisans in Guatemala. These artisans have perfected their craft and have likely had it passed down to them from their parents and grandparents. If you’re interested in learning more about the craft itself and one particular weave, check out our blog post about it here.

If you’re diving into about handwoven wraps, you may check out our website and think “What makes these so special?” or “why are these more expensive that a big companies’ machine woven brand?” unnamed-3

Handwovens are so special and expensive because they are crafted in small batches and each made by hand. No two handwoven wraps will ever be 100% exactly the same. And that’s the beauty in it. They are exclusive, and elusive.
Kush Textiles also runs under the principles of Fair Trade, always paying the artisans a fair price for their labors, thus raising the prices compared to a brand where everything is done by machine and they pay workers less.

With handwovens, for some mysterious reason, (it must be all the love put into them by the artisans), they just seem to wrap nicer, be bouncier, “Kushier”, and all around more supportive and lovable. Personally my handwovens are my favorites in my stash, and if you ask anyone else, my money would be on you receiving the same answer.

Kush Textiles is so proud to be offering such a beautiful and high quality products that you can use every day for years to come, we are stringent with our safety standards and look over every piece, so that when they come to you, they are perfect. Check out our handwoven products here.


Off To College

This time of year is exciting and stressful for parents and students a like, sending your babies away off to school or college is hard! But set them up for success with a gift from Kush Textiles! A practical gift is always a better choice then a frilly or extravagant one. Something they are able to get use out of every day is by far superior, and they will be forced to think about you every time they look at it 🙂

We offer two Artisan Gift sets here at Kush Textiles, both created with Fair Trade, handwoven fabric and each have their own special products.

The first, is the Standard Gift set –

Artisan Gift Set

This gift set will include:

  • A handwoven cotton scarf (45″ long excluding the fringe)
  • A drawstring backpack made of 100% handwoven cotton lined with a water resistant lining, brass grommets, and vegan leather cords.
  • A drawstring pouch OR coin purse made from handwoven remnants

Each of these are helpful to any student! The backpack is obvious, I mean, what student doesn’t need to tote books and lunch and pencils around? The scarf will come in handy for keeping warm on any colder days as well as serving multiple purposes, impromptu (but beautiful!) window covering? The pouch and coin purse both offer a way to keep any little nick knack contained, and we all know that students end up carrying around many little things that need containment.

If you’re feeling like splurging, check out our premium Artisan Gift Set.

Premium Artisan Gift Set

The gift set will include:

  • A handwoven bamboo scarf (64″ long excluding the fringe)
  • A toiletry bag made of 100% handwoven cotton with a water resistant lining
  • A coin purse made from handwoven remnants
  • A wristlet made from 100% handwoven cotton diamond weave, lined with a water resistant lining, and a vegan leather strap

The scarf, just like the standard set, is cuddly and cosy, but since this scarf is made out of bamboo it is even softer. The toiletry bag is the perfect size to pack essentials in for going to and from the dorm room to the bathrooms, or is beautiful enough to keep every toiletry they need on display. The coin purse, again, is the perfect size for odds and ends… Or coins, laundry mat anyone? The wristlet is perfect for filling up with the “needs” out of their purse and tucking into a backpack or pocket. Keep everything handy with this little bag.

We hope you are able to find everything you need to send your precious baby off to college and are honored with your choice to include some of our products along with them. The price includes shipping to the continental US, and if you would rather send a gift in the mail (who doesn’t love getting a special gift in the mail!) we can ship it to their dorm or apartment! Gift wrap included.

As always, they are woven with love by artisans in Guatemala and they are paid a fair, livable wage. So help out your loved one while helping out theirs.

Tips I Would Give Myself as a New Babywearer

We all want our children to be safe and happy. We also all would never want to do anything to put them in harm’s way. That being said, there are a few common babywearing pitfalls that new wearers seem to fall into while first navigating the world of babywearing.

  •   Wearing baby too low

This is a common issue I often run into, when first putting on a buckle carrier, the straps are typically very loose, and if you’re not 100% sure how to tighten everything up properly, that can lead to baby being a bit too low for comfort. To avoid any discomfort or danger for you and baby, we like to remind everyone to pay attention to T.I.C.K.S and keep baby “close enough to kiss”. Check out our safety page on our website for more safety information.



  • Buying the wrong size

Often when first dipping your toes into babywearing, you will pick up whatever is on the shelf readily available, and sometimes those are sized carriers, picking the wrong size can make babywearing uncomfortable as baby will sag down putting more pressure on your back and shoulders, as well as putting baby at risk for positional asphyxiation. With buckle carriers, they can come in a few different sizes, infant, standard, toddler, and pre school are the most common. And wraps can come in many different sizes! As many as 8 or 9! But with wraps the sizing is more to do with the carries able to do be done in them vs the size of wearer or baby, but more on wrap sizes in a different post! Pay attention to the weight and height guidelines for that carrier, and try it on before you buy is possible!

  • Not reading the instruction manual

It may seem straight forward when looking at a carrier, but definately read the instructions prior to putting it on! I promise that it will be a wealth of information. I’ve made that mistake myself a few times and after fighting with a carrier for half an hour, I resigned, read the instructions, and learned I had missed something completely obvious.

  • Giving up too quickly

I often hear “It was too hard to figure out” or “my baby doesn’t like it” as reasons that people give up on babywearing. But I encourage you to use all your resources before giving up, scour youtube for tips, read blogs, and find a local babywearing group or BWI (Babywearing International) Group that hosts meet ups near you, it is invaluable to have hands on help from an experienced wearer.

Bags, Bags, Bags…

Some may quote “Lions, Tigers, and Bears… Oh my!”

But in our case it’s really Bags, Bags, and Bags… Oh my!

If you know Kush Textiles, you know that we specialize in artisan handwoven baby carriers. What you may not know is that we also have a large selection of bags. Messenger bags, clutches, totes, drawstring backpacks, toiletry bags.. The list goes on and on.

Striving to always be sustainable, we want to make use of every material and not be wasteful. So using that as our goal, we decided to turn wrap scraps into a gorgeous accessory line!

Lemongrass.pngStarting with our messenger bag, there is no shortage of features with this beautiful and functional messenger bag. It features a magnetic closure on the flap, high-quality zipper entry to the main compartment, three outer pockets, an inner zipper pocket as well as two pockets on the interior, and an adjustable strap. Plus, this bag is lined with a water resistant lining to keep messes from staining the outside material.
Our signature owl family is hand embroidered on the outside pocket.



Duchess is a perfect compliment to any outfit, and in a tote bag that is no different. This handwoven wrap scrap tote bag is woven with 100% cotton, and features a lovely broken twill weave in Lilac, violet, hot pink, rose pink, turquoise, and light blue. The colors play nicely together and will compliment a variety of outfits.
Just like our messenger bag, our tote bag is lined with a water resistant lining to keep to keep anything spilt inside from leaking out.




Our toiletry bag is no different in keeping with our commitment to excellence. This handwoven, Fair Trade Dopp kit/toiletry bag is not only functional, but beautiful too.
Each piece is hand crafted with true artisanal excellence by a master seamstress, and features a water resistant ripstop nylon lining and sturdy full length brass metal zipper. Suspender style tie downs at either end allow you to make the bag fit your contents. Great for traveling, or attractive enough to leave on your counter between trips.

If you’re looking for something a little extra, how about one of our Artisan Gift Sets? Each order is hand picked and curated especially for you! It is a surprise each time. They not only have one bag, but the premium set contains 3!
The premium gift set will include:

  • A handwoven bamboo scarf (64″ long excluding the fringe)
  • A toiletry bag made of 100% handwoven cotton with a water resistant lining
  • A coin purse made from handwoven remnants
  • A wristlet made from 100% handwoven cotton diamond weave, lined with a water resistant lining, and a vegan leather strap

If you’re looking for our backpack, you will find that in our standard gift set, the standard gift set will include:

  • A handwoven cotton scarf (45″ long excluding the fringe)
  • A drawstring backpack made of 100% handwoven cotton lined with a water resistant lining, brass grommets, and vegan leather cords.
  • A drawstring pouch OR coin purse made from handwoven remnants
Premium Artisan Gift Set
Standard Artisan Gift Set

So weather you’re searching for the perfect every day bag or something for those times you need something on the go, Kush Textiles has it! And you can feel good every time you purchase knowing that you are supporting a Fair Trade business.

Summer Travels

Where are you wearing-this summer- (1).png

With summer vacation at its peak, i’m sure some of you are doing some traveling! Airports, train stations, buses, so many places we have to take our kids through and all the while we are sure to hear “Moooooooom!” as little feet drag behind, or worse, stop completely to stare at whatever shiny object has caught their attention. We can all relate.

Fortunately, you are a babywearer (or hopefully by the end of this post you will be converted to one!) Slinging a toddler onto your back to trek through life’s adventures is far superior to having to pull and coax them along every step of the way. Or having your snuggly baby strapped to your front, cozy and sleeping while you go down the escalator definitely beats a crying newborn in a stroller while you desperately look for the nearest elevator to get down a small flight of stairs, only to find that it is about 3 miles away (Or it seems that way at least)

Babywearing, in my opinion, is the best way to travel. But, in comes the question, what carrier to bring. I know plenty of people who like to pack their whole collection while traveling. Go big or go home I suppose. And, I have even been that person a few times, but often (especially when they are charging $25 a bag!) That’s not practical. So, that brings me to a few of the most versatile carriers. A Ring Sling, and a Size 4 wrap.

Both Ring Sling and Size 4 fold down super compact, so they aren’t taking up much space in your bag, and both are super easy to throw on in whatever situation with whichever child you happen to have.GGDIA.1215-4T

Take the Size 4 for instance, Newborn? No problem. A Semi Front Cross Carry is a favorite of mine. Or Toddler? A simple Back Ruck Carry is quick and easy to keep a toddler contained. Got a leg straightener? A Size 4 gives you the extra fabric to make an extra between leg pass to keep everyone happy.

dianavyrs-jules-1115-2tA Ring Sling shines with little babies, being easy to adjust and ever so cocoon like for them. But it certainly holds its own when it comes to bigger kids too, a hip carry keeps your little one from dragging behind but happy that they can still see and interact with the world. A Ring Sling hip carry is a favorite with my 3 year old.

See our in stock Ring Slings here and our Wraps here

Tell us in the comments where you are wearing this summer!

Kush and The Carrying On Project


Have you heard of The Carrying On Project? The goal of the Carrying On Project is to help get carriers to the families of our military so that they may better obtain secure attachments with their children, something that deployment and injuries will often interrupt. We seek to assist both the service members and the families left behind in “Carrying On” while both home and away, to make something that is difficult for the whole family a little bit easier.DIANAVY.REDWHITE.1115-2T.jpg

At Kush Textiles we love to support our community and the ones who give their lives to protect it. So, in honor of this and the brave men and women of our military, we are donating 10% of the sales of Jules, our navy, red, and white wrap and ring sling.

Check out these beautiful carriers here, and feel good purchasing, knowing that you are helping out a worthy cause!


{Look at little Milana.  She was so little in this picture. Hard to believe she’s already 15 months old!}

Until next time. Happy Wearing!

Baby Wearing in the Summer Heat

Babywearing is often hot, layers of fabric securing a baby furnace to your body. I get it. It gets even worse in the summer when temperatures rise! But, lucky for you, I have some ways to stay a little bit cooler when it starts to get hot!

Choose your carriers wisely:

  •  Ring Slings—Perfect for quickly putting baby in. Pick a natural fiber for a more breathable option. Check out our ring slings! DUCH0129-2T
  • Soft-structured carriers- not many layers and is quick because of the buckles. 2lambie makes some awesome carriers!
  • Wraps—breathable materials such as gauze or 100% cotton wraps such as our Ikat wraps are preferable to thicker materials.
  •  Water slings & wraps – Mesh slings are perfect for use in and around water.
    Babywearing tricks:
  • Stick an ice pack in the pocket of SSCs or inside the passes of a wrap
  • Wear thin breathable clothes and dress baby in minimal layers.
  • Carry a light blanket or cloth to place between your chest and your baby to keep the skin to skin minimal (in this case!)
  •  Invest in a hand-held fan to carry with you or a stroller fan to clip into the carrier.
  • Put your baby carrier on while still in the cool car. This will minimize time in the heat.
  • Invest in a light colored umbrella to keep you both shaded from the sun.


dianavyrs-jules-1115-2tBabywearing is wonderful and having your baby close is a blessing, but can add some heat! Hopefully using some of these tips will help you stay a bit cooler!

Check out our in stock wraps and slings here, and tell us how you stay cool in the heat!