Wrap Royalty


Duchess is a beautiful broken twill weave handwoven baby wrap made from 100% cotton.  The warp and weft feature a unique and colorful combination of lilac, violet, hot pink, rose pink, turquoise, and light blue. DUCH0129-6T

The hand embroidered middle marker is a symbol used in the Mayan culture to represent a woman’s womb. This wonderful wrap was produced in a small batch and has limited quantities. Check it out now on our website!

We are so excited for everyone to try this ethically created wrap that we sent it out to get some love and we got brilliant feedback in return.


“Duchess is a really eye catching pink and purple goddess of a wrap… Duchess is a hearty broken twill weave that won’t let you down.” Read more by Hillary at Bugglet Baby

“When it came to a ruck, this woven wrap killed it with the kush factor” read more by Jay at Modern Babywearing

“Although heavier in weight the wrap was comparatively thin, indicating a higher thread count in the warp with a relatively thinner yarn. This allows Duchess to have a thinner feel but a heavier weight and increased support. The colors are vibrant, giving a bright spring or summer feel.” read more by LaKeta at Tandem Trouble


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